The Next Best Thing to PIMDCON Live

This year's in-person conference was a game-changer for physicians and high-income professionals looking to build financial freedom.

If you missed the live conference, the VIP All-Access Experience is the next best thing.

Don’t miss out on any of the valuable strategies taught at PIMDCON 2021!

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The Next Best Thing to PIMDCON Live

This year's in-person conference was a game-changer for physicians and high-income professionals looking to build financial freedom.

If you missed the live conference, the VIP All-Access Experience is the next best thing.

Don’t miss out on any of the valuable strategies taught at PIMDCON 2021!

Share this with your friends and colleagues!

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An eye opener to the variety of real estate investment. Grateful for Peter Kim for putting this on and continue to educate the medical community
– James Wu

I joined PIMDCON on a whim, as I recently bought my first rental property. I learned a lot about tax write-offs, and I became interested in potentially owning more properties over time. I am grateful for how much I was able to learn in a short time (2x speed vidoes!) and would recommend this conference to anyone interested in real estate investing.
– Sinead O.

Congratulations on saving your free seat for PIMDCON 2021!

We created the Financial Freedom through Real Estate Conference to provide inspiration, new ideas, and a sense of real community for doctors who want to take back control of their lives…

And with expert speakers like Dr. Jim Dahle of The White Coat Investor and Brandon Turner, Host of the BiggerPockets Podcast… It’s no wonder people get excited about this event.

No matter where you are on your real estate investment journey, the information revealed in this conference could be the missing piece to help you reach your next goal.

While I was starting Passive Income M.D. and pursuing income opportunities outside of traditional medicine…

I looked for inspiration from other doctors who had created the careers and lives of their dreams, and the mentorship I received from them was ultimately priceless.

Now it’s my turn to “pay it forward.” I am inspired and humbled by the impact that this event continues to make for physicians around the country.

Don’t just take it from me — be sure to review this page to see some of the passionate testimonials we’ve earned from physicians of every kind.

With everything that docs are up against in 2021 and beyond… this type of information is more important now than ever before.

They say the best investment is the one you make in yourself…

I agree.

Thanks for joining us and welcome to the movement.

Founder of Passive Income MD & Financial Freedom through Real Estate Conference (PIMDCON)

Financial Freedom through Real Estate Conference
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Hear More From Other Doctors Who Have Attended The Conference:

I’m new to real estate investing and it is wonderful to see busy physicians be able to become successful real estate investors. I’m very grateful that they took time to help others who are just starting out.
– Lauren Pulido

I started out thinking how could I possibly get started in real estate. This conference and the tips I learned have inspired me to make changes. My FI journey has already started. Before the end of the conference I invested in Vanguard REIT in my investment account and discussed with my husband how we could make the next step to syndication a reality.
– Elisa A.


A great 3 days. I am brand new to this adventure and was able to get so much info in one place. I wish I could repeat the course in 6 months once I am at the next level of investing in real estate.
- Brad Schulte


Giving me confidence on how to evaluate and pull the trigger. I’m stuck in analysis paralysis but feel more confident now!
- James Lopes


This conference has inspired to not live in fear and has given me the power and tools to build wealth and financial freedom should I decide to leave medicine!
- Yolanda Lu

I am still building my financial confidence and have learned there are many ways to approach real estate, many of which look like something I could see myself doing. I appreciate the varied approaches that have worked for busy professionals, many of whom had no background in business or real estate when they started. This has been invaluable in helping me know how to think about deals as well as understanding many risk mitigation strategies.
– Karen Crocker-Wensel M.D.


I learned a ton of information through this conference. It blows my mind how much I need to know to have success in real estate investing. I will definitely recommend to my friends and colleagues.
- Xiaoqian Yu


I started with zero experience in real estate investment. I am leaving with the plan to start in passive investing and will likely grow to more active investing in the future. Would highly recommend this conference as a great introduction to light the path to start the real estate investment adventure!
- Natalie Moore


Fantastic conference that covered a wide spectrum of real estate assets and opportunities. I have experience with buy and hold rentals. This conference has shown me how to diversify and protect my portfolio. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested in real estate!
- Uzma Khan

Attending the Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Conference was the best investment we’ve ever made for our future. The comprehensive and expert guidance are the tools we need to be successful as medical professionals and real estate investors!
– Amy & Daruka Mahadevan


The PIMD conference is time well spent. I started the conference with a basic understanding of real estate Investing opportunities and left with a wealth of knowledge. Every lecture provides valuable information and I would recommend this course to anyone looking to invest in real estate. I am now inspired to get started on my own real estate journey.
- Marci


The conference was great! I am just starting to get into real estate investing as I just finished residency. I received a lot of great information and inspiration to lead me in the right direction so I can achieve my career and more importantly, LIFE goals. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to invest in real estate!
- Keva W.C. Kidemu, MD, MBA, MPH


PIMDCON was a stellar conference. I attended with no real estate investing experience and left with a good playbook to begin my real estate investing journey. I’ve much to learn and now the resources to begin. Thanks Peter and the PIMD team.
- Cody

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I came across PIMDCON as a random Facebook ad, and registered for it as it was free and I was actively looking to buy a single family rental. I was hooked up to the conference at the first presentation and completed every single one of the presentations in rapid fire format. All the presentations were so well drafted, and explained approaches to different aspects of real estate buying, managing and asset protection. The conference was much better than any of the medical conferences I have attended in my career. It helped me a lot to learn about real estate investing from peers who have made their empire from scratch and not from legacy. Would love to continue attending it every year.
– Kovid Trivedi

I am just starting on my investment journey and this course really kicked me up from first gear where I had been stuck! I have much better understanding of the different types of real estate investments thanks to this course and feel comfortable proceeding with more than one strategy from now on. The course format was excellent and speakers precise, just what I needed! I was able to attend while on call, at my own pace. Looking forward to learning more by listening again through the VIP access. Better future, here is the start!
– Riikka Mohorn, MD


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